Coffee Shops

As  a coffee shop operator you will be aware of the changing market. More inquiries from your customers about medicinal cannabis and more internet - knowledgeable customers mean quality and consistency is a must.

At Cannabytics we recognize these issues as well as the fast turnover of product in your shop. We therefore have a number of services specifically designed for the coffee shop market.


  • Subscription services based on regular periodic testing with very attractive volume discounts
  • On demand, fast turnaround testing (48 hours max)
  • Menu services : Your products with a snapshot of the test results
  • Effect prediction based on terpene and cannabinoid content
  • QR code labeling : QR labels to be inserted into the 'baggies' that contain in depth info of their purchased strain about strain background, potency and effects.


If you are interested in any of the above service then please fill out the contact form so we can arrange a visit to your establishment and discuss your needs further.