Our Services


We offer a number of di.fferent testing options to suite your needs. We can test anything that contains cannabis.

  • Basic Cannabinoid : (Total THC + CBD Content)
  • Full Cannabinoid : (THC, THC(a),THC-v, CBD, CBD(a), CBC & CBG
  • Full Terpene Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Common contaminants including herbicides and pesticides
  • Mycotoxins (mould, mildew & fungi)

Or of course, Full Spectrum Testing - which is all of the above.


Coffee shop operators should see our Coffee Shop page.


The Procedure

  • Using our contact form on this site, the first step is to contact us with a brief message about what you would like to test. Based on this we will respond to you with a few small questions and answers to any queries you may have. 
  • When you are ready to send your samples we will issue you with a unique batch number. The samples should all be labelled with this batch number as it helps us to ensure efficiency throughout the testing procedure. Each sample needs to be in a small sealed container. We need 0.5 grams of sample for a full test or 0.1 grams per test element (eg - basic cannabinoid test = 0.1g, full terpene test = 0.1g)
  • Send your samples to our secure P.O. Box. We will notify you when we receive them and give you an estimated testing date. We strive to turn the samples around within 7 days - often quicker. (Coffee shops should read the coffee shop section on this site)

Your results will be emailed to you in PDF or Picture format, depending on your preference.


At Cannabytics we recognize 3 types of customer

  • Individual patients / home growers who have have one or two samples and want to be sure their product has the correct potency and is contaminant free
  • Medicinal & Recreational producers and re-sellers.
  • Coffee Shops

Our pricing is dependent on which of the above categories you fall into. We will send you the appropriate pricing list when you contact us.

Coffee shop owners should see the Coffee shop section.


For first time customers we ask that you pay before your receive your results.  After that you will receive 7 days payment terms.

Payment is through bank transfer. The details will be on the invoice we send you, along with your batch number.